What’s the Best Way to Store Music in the Cloud?

As a music lover, I’ve collected GIGABYTES upon gigabytes of music over the years. I have that music on lots of drives and different computers, but it’s really a frustrating mess. I know that eventually, I’m going to start losing track of where things are.

music cloud storage

And the worst part is, I can’t enjoy that music because it’s scattered. The files are not all in one place where I can play them through iTunes.

Well, let me tell you, I’ve figured out a solution that’s going to rock my music files’ world.

Storing Music in the Cloud!

It’s cloud storage. Yep, I know this isn’t breaking news, but bear with me.

I love new tech and cloud storage providers like Dropbox and Amazon Cloud are a great way to load all your music files into one place. Then, once they’re in that cloud account, you can access them anywhere.

Here’s where it gets fun. If you use a service like Google Play, you upload your music files to their cloud servers and now, you can literally play your songs on your phone or anywhere. Suddenly, your songs are in the cloud and truly location-independent.

You could be on a boat, in a bank, or walking down the street and your music is there, ready to play. It’s incredible.

I used to have to spend an hour or two just to make a new playlist to upload to my ipod. It was such a hassle whenever I wanted to change my music. Syncing the devices was always scary because you’re not sure what’s going to happen. Is it going to wipe out everything I have? Is it going to sync my ipod to my itunes account? That’s not what I’m trying to do! I hated it. Those days are definitely over. Syncing in the cloud storage account is a LOT more intuitive.

So, because I believe in having multiple copies of my files (redundancy is the best policy!) I have uploaded my music to both Google Play and Dropbox. I also have backups on DVD files and external hard drives. Yes, it might be overkill, but it’s not that expensive and gives me some peace of mind.

So if you have a ton of music files like me, let me give you a piece of MY mind… get Dropbox or Sugarsync, or any of the other great cloud storage companies out there, and get a free Google account so you can use Google Drive and Google Play. Then you’re going to experience the power of the cloud.

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Your MNG John Mayer Moment of Zen

Your Body Is A Wonderland by John Mayer is probably still making girls melt across the globe. Here at Mars Needs Guitars, we appreciate that kind of magical power. John certainly has guitar chops, but his skills with the ladies is much maligned. Let’s give John a second look and remember how he first appeared on the scene:

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How Do Modern Wireless Speakers Work?

Wireless speakers are available for different applications and come in different styles. They are based on a variety of different technologies. All of these technologies are able to transmit audio without speaker cable. However, some technologies are better than others. There is a lot of information about technologies for wireless speakers available. I am going to highlight some of the most important technologies and show some of their pros and cons.

The most basic technology is similar to FM radio transmitters. It is based on a carrier signal which is modulated by the audio. The receiver then recovers the original audio by a process called demodulation. This type of transmission is not linear in nature and thus has high distortion. It is also very susceptible to noise and interference since it has no mechanism to cope with this problem.

An improved transmission method is one that first converts the audio to data and then sends the data via radio waves. This technology offers excellent signal-to-noise ratio since the audio is not sent directly and thus is not going to be degraded by the nonlinear behavior of he transmission. You can think of this method as the modern CD which similarly records audio data while the FM type transmission is more analogous to the LP.

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Your MNG John Mayer Moment of Zen: Waiting on the World to Change

John Mayer has rocked the guitar world, and with his tasty licks and poppy hooks, he’s enjoyed huge success. He’s gone through blues phases and pop phases, but with this track, he took a groovy line and layed it on a song with a social angle. Here’s Waiting on the World to Change.

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Should You Invest in a Cheap Electric Guitar?

There is a difference between a cheap electric guitar and a rip-off. Whether you are buying your first guitar or an addition to your collection, you want to pick the right guitar for your playing needs. Your guitar should handle the amount of practice you plan on putting it through.

When to Consider a Cheap Electric Guitar

Whatever the case, you need to know how to separate bargains from rip-offs. You can find a high-quality cheap electric guitar to use. An easy and affordable alternative is to buy a cheap electric guitar. There would be a great deal to master as string gauge modifications typically need intonation adjustments, bridge height changes, pickup height adjustments, as well as in some special cases nut changes. In case you like some over the top, then you may go with these. Whatever you want for your instrument, you would need a cheap electric guitar.


Take Your Time When Choosing a Cheap Electric Guitar

If you get a guitar, you are always sure that it’s going to stick with you for a long time. When you come to buy your first guitar, there are some general rules that apply; the number one is going to be taking your time. At the time you commit to get your very first guitar, there are a few basic principles that will apply, though the most important shall be taking your time. Over a great length time, the stress from the heavier guitar strings could potentially cause a little harm, but the instrument would probably have been past its useful life before that time. These are definitely helpful for running repairs across the pick up region. You can get the guitar strung in double fast time and you may have offered the road crew the evening off if you consider acquiring a battery operated guitar string changer.

Cheap Electric Guitars and Strings

When you have made the time to get the choice right, there are some things that you can add to your list of things to consider: the action (or the gap between the fretboard and the strings). If the action is too high, it could make playing difficult, uncomfortable and probably painful for you. You don’t want to spend that time changing all your strings, and imagine if you were gigging? The only difference is the quality of wood and strings used to make the guitars. Regardless of the guitar you purchase, you will need to replace the guitar strings as well. This is a result of personal choice, but please be sure that whichever guitar strings you end up picking suit the guitar you will have got. What made me act was once I had realized that the tuning keys for the higher guitar strings (B and then E) were starting to be firm and not doing their job effectively as they used too. Lube is wonderful for applying to fresh guitar strings while you swap them out.

Find Brand Name Cheap Electric Guitars

The brand name alone can define the price range of a guitar. Even an online guitar shop will offer a free set-up with each new purchase. To find the real deal you will actually need to go to a guitar shop and begin trying a few. With the acoustic guitar I play quite often, Most definitely I’ll change the strings at a minimum every fortnight (when it was being gigged with, it may be more frequently than that). Guitar playing can be your passion, your obsession, your profession or your hobby.

The Last Word on Cheap Electric Guitars

Cheap isn’t always the best, but there’s nothing wrong with the second-cheapest guitar. You will discover specific positives and negatives in having larger mitts when considering buying a cheap electric guitar. Since I’m one of those particular folks, I figured I might give you a number of my own trials and difficulties. With the cheap electric guitar you will feel more rest assured. With a cheap electric guitar strings really are essential for playability and enjoyment. The cheap versions of electric guitars are almost same as the expensive ones and also produce a similar sound. Cheap electric guitars don’t need to always provide a false view and when you stay with most of the recommendations above you’ll not go far wrong.

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Tinnitus! To All Musicians Who Are Suffering

Managing tinnitus if you’re a guitarist or in a band can be difficult. The recommendations in this article will provide you with useful information and methods to assist you to deal with tinnitus.

The First Way to Stop Tinnitus is Prevention

The first thing you need to do is stop subjecting your ears to loud and sustained noises.  Avoid situations or places and events that may very well involve these kind of sounds. Or wear earplugs or headphones to protect your ears.  Tinnitus may stem from being exposed to loud sounds over a length of time.  You may already have a tinnitus problem developing, but you don’t want the tinnitus to worsen.

It’s also important not to dwell on the problem.  If ringing actually starts to occur in your ears, try to relax.  If you are concerned you should contact a physician, but try not to have anxiety about tinnitus

Some other ways to reduce tinnitus include reducing your alcohol and caffene intake.  These stimulants can make the problem worse or more noticeable.

Get lots of exercise.  Musicians tend to not be big exercisers (we get it on stage man!) but it’s important to get your blood pumping every day.  Plus it stimulates blood flow to your ears which can help reduce tinnitus.  Gotta keep it flowing.

Watch your aspirin and ibuprofen usage.  These pain meds thin your blood and can affect your hearing and might cause some tinnitus.

Ways to Deal with Tinnitus

There are ways to actually ignore your tinnitus.  Look into biofeedback and meditation.  These things can help you adjust your focus into other things so you’re not only thinking about the ringing in your ears.  Yoga also can help.

A quiet room can make your tinnitus seem much more prominent.  Try a white noise generator.  Here’s a good one online:  http://simplynoise.com

Check to see if you have wax build-up with your ears, it might enhance your tinnitus, and Q-tips only push the wax approximately your eardrum, so check with your doctor.

Stress has proven to exacerbate tinnitus, so do what you are able to eliminate stress out of your life. Attempt to cut unnecessary stress from your life, and find a lifestyle pace you are able to handle and enjoy.

Tinnitus can be a physical issue that is conversely caused by an emotional concern.

Some people have used ginkgo biloba as an herbal supplement to help with their tinnitus.

To protect yourself from getting tinnitus in the future, tend not to exposure you to ultimately loud noises anymore than you need to. This damage causes a ringing noise within your ears, and can lead to tinnitus symptoms which will not go away completely.

You must learn that it must be possible to tolerate tinnitus. Some individuals cope with tinnitus throughout of their lives, others for any short time. Irrespective of what situation you are in, you will get through it and exist the way you desire.

Once you initially suffer tinnitus symptoms, you can feel anxious or concerned, so going to a physician to properly diagnose you is crucial. Your doctor could furnish ideas that can advise you on strategies to assist you to deal with a tinnitus diagnosis. He can run tests to rule out other health conditions that may reason for the tinnitus.

In case you have had tinnitus before, you have to remember to inform your medical professional throughout your first visit. There are actually multitudes of medications that may exacerbate your tinnitus worse. A family doctor needs to know about your trouble in order to minimize the opportunity of placing yourself on medication that will make the condition’s effects worse.

Remember that your everyday stresses might be more than normal. The greater your amount of stress, the greater number of aggravating your symptoms might look like. You are going to feel good prepared to handle your tinnitus if you aren’t so anxious about other stressors in your lifetime.

Obtaining the radio or television on when you are working could possibly be distracting, as an alternative to tinnitus irritation.

You could have several doctors, regardless how good your physician is. Your doctors should take your doctor and opinions under consideration when designing your treatment approach.

Try your very best to learn precisely what is triggering your tinnitus. Take a look at everything in your own life from the daily habits, those who are prescription and those you get over the counter, to even prescribed drugs you just recently included to your body.

A lot of people learn that gingko biloba supplements. While its effectiveness has not been medically proven, it is possible to probably give it a try safely, as long as you do so using a medical professional’s supervision.

There is an article the location where the author listed therapy for tinnitus and was negative about every one of your treatments, as well as the author wondered why he hasn’t found any help for his symptoms!

Psychotherapy offers relief to you if you’re overly taxed by the tinnitus patient. This is particularly helpful if you’re having emotional disturbance, should you be disturbed emotionally through the noise in your mind.

Concentrate on relaxing after it is bedtime so you can just forget about your tinnitus and obtain some sleep. Repeat a calming mantra or comforting word in your mind. Ensure it is animated in your thoughts by having it spinning, change colours or shrink and grow. This will put your concentrate on the noise you will be hearing.

The aforementioned tips have prepared you to start proactively addressing your tinnitus symptoms. Incorporate these suggestions into your daily routines for potential relief. Stay positive as who knows whenever a treatment might appear which finally works!

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A Serious Problem for Musicians: Alcohol Abuse

When it comes to alcohol addiction therapy, an assortment of medicine methodologies exists. Each of them fitting for specific people and less so for others. These methods incorporate conduct changes, morally supportive networks, and pharmacological medicine. Some form of therapy has as its objective helping an alcoholic in refraining from liquor, while different methodologies look to change the way of drinking to one that is moderate with a solid and equalized lifestyle. Whatever the last objective is, generally, medication includes three stages: detoxification to minimize withdrawal, recovery, and upkeep.

If you still have problems in dealing with alcoholism, you can also call up Alcohol addiction hotline. They will help you think about which method is the best for you. Moreover, here are some therapies. One of which is self improvement or common assistance assemblies that seek to restrain a person from drinking liquor. They incorporate Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), advanced in the United States, in which a distinct group that advises alcoholics to submit to a psychotherapist for “recuperation”.

AA makes a crisp resolution for a person to stop drinking every day. Other comparative gatherings exist with some alterations that make them fitting for diverse societies. A prevailing methodology in a few nations of Southern and Central Europee.g., in Italy and Croatiadepends on Clubs for Alcoholics in Treatment. Unlike AA, these are regularly joined into the social health administrations framework and depend vigorously on the family as essential to the self improvement gathering. Self-and common assistance gatherings exist as both private and non-private projects.

Unanticipated recognizable proof includes the fact that it is conceivable for people to adjust their tricky drinking examples Intrinsic in this methodology is the idea that it is conceivable for people to figure out how to drink dependably, particularly in the event that they are diagnosed early and preceding issues have come to be extreme.

Concise mediations have been tried over societies and have been discovered to be extensively successful at lessening risky drinking. They have likewise been effectually connected in the medication of various populaces, incorporating junior individuals with issue drinking examples. An additional point of interest of this methodology is that it is fast and proficient to direct and can in this manner be brought about in settings where assets may be rare.

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Interested in Guitar Lessons?

Do you want to learn how to play the guitar? You can find many types of guitar lessons, especially with the help of modern technology. The ability to play a guitar is rewarding and a lot of fun.

What Kind of Guitar Lessons are There?

If you really want to learn to play lead guitar and play the songs like pro, then go for the lead guitar lessons. Make sure they teach you the basics, and then you can opt to have more lessons as you gain more interest in the instrument. As there are thousands of video guitar lessons on the internet it can be hard to know where to begin looking for the ones you want. One option is Skype guitar lessons. One-on-one lessons are a great option, and they can be taught in the comfort of your own home.
There are many different ways to go about learning the guitar, more so today than ever before. Use these two ways of techniques to learn in your blues guitar lessons. There is basically three different ways of approaching soloing: learn the exact copy of the vocal melody, learn guitar chords, or learn to read music. Another way of boosting the confidence of music students is via recitals and concerts.
You can choose to enroll at an offline music school, purchase a tutorial set, or do self-learning. If one were to learn the basics of reading music, or enough of it to interpret tablature properly, then there are going to be unlimited arrangements of all of your favorite hymns available. An example of a proper music lessons is the classical guitar lessons in Melbourne where children from as early as seven years old can learn how to play this instrument. This system allows the written music to dictate which way to go on the fingerboard. When you need to find high quality music lessons of any type, you will need to consider the cost. There are several things to ask from the guitar teacher you are planning to hire such as his style of teaching music, his teaching experience (how long has he been teaching, who has he taught in the past, etc.

How Much Do Guitar Lessons Cost?

You don’t need to pay a fortune on private lessons or a guitar teacher if you can buy books or get the best guitar training videos online. If your teacher is an expert, you will be given a good starting point. I’ve been a professional guitarist for 15 years, and a guitar teacher for 10. With the help of a real music teacher, a child will be able to develop the skill while also developing his confidence at the same time. This is something all students should learn, and something that all teachers should incorporate into their guitar lessons. This can be expensive for the schools because of the shortage of teachers available.

What are the Basics for Guitar Lessons?

You don’t need to pay a fortune on private lessons, for a guitar teacher if you can buy books or get the best guitar training videos online and find new techniques. If your teacher is an expert, you will be given a good starting point. I’ve been a professional guitarist for 15 years, and a guitar teacher for 10. With the help of a real music teacher, a child will be able to develop the skill while also developing his confidence at the same time. This is something all students should learn, and something that all teachers should incorporate into their guitar lessons. This can be expensive for the schools because of the shortage of teachers available.

What Techniques Will You Learn in a Guitar Lessons?

The key is not to skip the lessons; every lesson including techniques are essential to play the lead guitar like a good guitarist. These tutorial sets will give you all the basic tips and techniques needed in order for you to completely learn the instrument. You will learn more difficult techniques, such as hammer-ons and pull-offs, string bending, vibrato, and tapping. You will also have the ability to see exactly what your hands should be doing not only makes it easier and quicker to learn them, but it also ensures you don’t learn improper technique, or develop bad habits that might hinder your playing later on. All these techniques will make you rhythm playing more interesting. Use different techniques and practice those style of songs, different speed or tempo and notes to define your guitar playing style is good. These embellishments could be extra notes, taken from the scale, or different techniques as hammer-ons, pull-offs, slides, etc.

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The Unique Quality of a Baritone Guitar

One type of guitar is the ukulele. One of the best investments for a ukulele is the baritone guitar or baritone ukulele. It has a unique sound quality and an instrument with a history that spans into modern music.


A Brief History of Guitars

One of the most attractive things about playing the guitar over other instruments is the array of alternate or non-standard tunings that are available to the guitar player. While there are a lot of stores that carry other instruments, specialized stores have more knowledge and usually more choices when it comes to ukuleles.
Ukulele is a chordophone, classified as a plucked lute, which is a subset of guitar family of instruments, generally with four nylon or four gut strings. The ukulele is a member of the guitar family. Popular music making has never been just about electric, acoustic, bass and electro acoustic guitars. A ukulele is a small four stringed guitar that is popularly associated with Hawaiian culture.
It is interesting that in the 21st century with pop music no longer considered a teenager fad, some people still do not realize that there is a history of instruments that have shaped the way guitars now look and play. The ukulele was made as an imitation of small guitar like instruments that were brought to them by Portuguese immigrants in the early 19th century. Some say that the musician and the instrument should have a mutual likeness for each other. It can be tuned to resemble a guitar, and this, combined with its size, means you can get comfortable with a new instrument more quickly.

What to Look for in a Ukulele and Ukulele Store

If you are looking for a ukulele store online, find one which has articles about the different brands and types of ukuleles that they carry. For the benefit of those who want to learn about the different types of guitar and therefore different types of music, I have put together a very brief summary of these so that you can learn more. The most common type of ukulele is designed to look like a guitar, but minus a couple of strings. You can choose the type of ukulele you would like to play. There are four types of ukuleles: soprano, concert (sometimes called alto), tenor, and baritone. Aside from these types, you may find fluke ukuleles and other shapes that appeal to you just like the pineapple ukulele. If you already play the guitar, you might consider the baritone ukulele.

The Characteristics of the Baritone Guitar

Of the four types of ukuleles, the baritone is the biggest of the four and may take some time for the person using it to figure out how to tune it properly. Those familiar with guitars will realize that the baritone is tuned like the first four strings of a guitar. Because of its higher cost, the baritone may not be a good choice if you are unsure how much you plan to play. If you don’t mind investing in an instrument, it is still a good option even for a beginner. As you go down the line from soprano to alto, tenor, and then baritone, the notes can get fuller and richer.

How to Tune the Baritone Guitar

The strings are all tuned either higher or lower by the same interval. Unlike the baritone guitar, the tenor ukulele has a unique feature of the spacing of the different strings that are attached to it. You have to make sure that the strings are placed firmly on the ukulele. The scale size is the “playable” section of the strings, where you form the chords with your fingers. Use the guitar tuner to check the first, second, third and twelfth frets.

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Finding the Best Guitar Lessons

best guitarLearning guitar is a lifelong calling.  And there are a zillion ways to go about becoming a rock and roll star or even just an at home rocker.  You can join any forums related to the guitar lessons and get the help from this online community. I’ve got the best 3 methods to share with you and get your lessons started: 1. Here are some points that should be stressed during online guitar lessons or guitar lessons in-person to help the aspiring student get a grasp on the fingerboard. But when you start having easy lessons you need to find out which hand is easier for you to play with on the guitar. Scale spelling is: C, D, E, G, A, C (one octave) As stated in Blues Guitar Lessons Blues Basics: The Pentatonic Scale, this box pattern is the king daddy of all scales for guitarists. So basically it will be hard to handle the lead guitar on the first lesson you going to have.

Ways to Learn Guitar

In fact, you should be warned that there is no such an easy way to master the guitar, if you cannot practice hard to get there. This way you will be up to date in your own speed. This system allows the written music to dictate which way to go on the fingerboard. Look at your fingers you can make some minor mistakes if you don’t hold the fret the good way on the guitar. You’ll find ways to have guitar lessons for example, start having private lessons or go to a music school or even find training videos online. There is basically three different ways of approaching soloing: 1) An exact copy of the vocal melody.

Time Commitment

You need to put in a lot of time and a lot of practice to learn to play guitar in no time. To be able to play the guitar like a good guitarist it will take a lot of time. However, if you don’t have the time and money to enroll, you can always choose to do self-learning. First, the teacher is usually only available for consultation during lesson time. When the instrument is readily accessible, you can always practice playing each time you see the guitar. ) Most of the time, what you’ll get online or via downloadable software are ‘shortcuts’ of how to do things.

Guitar Teachers

You can compare the rates charged by the guitar teachers to ensure that you will be getting value from the lessons within your budgetary needs. This is something all students should learn, and something that all teachers should incorporate into their guitar lessons. You don’t need to pay a fortune on private lessons, for a guitar teacher if you can buy books or get the best guitar training videos online and find new techniques. My name is Alison White, and I am an experienced music teacher available to teach adults, families, and kids in the Bay Area. If your teacher is an expert, you will be given a good starting point. Second, lessons with a teacher can be costly and the better the teacher, the costlier the lessons.

The forums will also refer you to the best online guitar lessons that will leave no stone unturned. Some good news for you that you can get a free guitar course online, just click the link below for more information. It is the nature of the guitar that gives you the ability to play a single note in multiple places, which of course gives the player many options. It’s popular in people that they use left hand to hold the fret and the right hand is for strumming the guitar. If you like these hubs, the author offers SKYPE GUITAR LESSONS. By hiring a professional guitar player to teach who knows the guitar well, best is to have lessons with that guitar player.


This is true because different styles of music go with different chords, styles and techniques. This will be a big development in your playing skills if you try and you will get all the good fame using these techniques. The help is that don’t skip the lessons, every lesson including techniques which are essential to play the lead guitar like a good guitarist. These embellishments could be extra notes, taken from the scale, or different techniques as hammer-ons, pull-offs, slides, etc. They don’t give you everything you want to know and so you end up lacking many of the basic techniques needed in playing the instrument. Not only are online jazz guitar lessons generally less expensive than in-person lessons, but they also give students access to the techniques and methods of some of the world’s best teachers for a fraction of what it would cost in person.

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